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"Your Head in our Hands."

"Healthy Brain Happy Life!"

"The definition of insanity is to keep doing the things you always do, but expecting different results!"

"You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be."

"The best way to predict  the future is to help create it"

"Healthy Brain Happy Life!"

Are you carrying stress and pain or in your body?  Do you have inflammation and illness?  Have you gone everywhere for help and nothing seems to be working? Would you like some relief? Holistic Healthcare options are available for the entire family.

If you have a concussion, post concussion syndrome, headaches, learning disability, emotional issues, memory loss, fears, phobias, trauma, PTSD, allergies, sleep issues, addiction, anger, strange symptoms; I will do my best to help you on your path to better health.

Money Blocks? Problems reaching your goals? Relationship problems?

Lets find out what is blocking your abundance and get you on the path to emotional freedom!

My name is Gigi Huscroft. I am a Specialized Kinesiologist, SIPS - Acupoint Practitioner, and Touch for Health Practitioner. I originally trained in Touch for Health over 20 years ago. I have worked with Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and Alternative Healthcare Professionals for 20 years. I 2004 became an Educational Assistant in Calgary Alberta, specializing in helping children with physical and learning disabilities.  In 2009, my family and I moved to Penticton, B.C.  During this time period both of my teenage children were involved in serious car accidents, and sustained severe concussions. Both concussions were totally different and catapulted each of them in dramatically different directions in their lives. Our family knows first hand the subtle and dramatic effects a concussion has on an individual and their family. The effects of Post Concussion Syndrome can last for years if left untreated.

Having used all traditional options with some improvement, we started looking for Alternative Therapies with scientific backgrounds that would complete the healing process. My goal was to help my children get their lives back on track.  Some of those Alternative Therapies included: Brain Formatting, SIPS-Acupoint Therapy, Specialized Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Cranio Sacral Therapy, EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique, Holistic Healthcare and Nutrition, and Massage. Since I noticed such amazing results from these modalities I decided to learn them myself! I am continually studying to add to my expertise. This gives me the ability to create even more in depth specialized treatments. What I have learned in our journey to recovery is that we as humans are very complex.  As individuals, stress, trauma, and injury can occur on a  nutritional, physical, mental, emotional,  personality, and/or spiritual level.  These modalities take into account these different aspects of our personality. I am so happy to be able to offer these Alternative Therapies to others because I know they work! 

Each session is unique, and personalized for your particular needs that day.  I use muscle monitoring to test for various imbalances in the body/mind, and then apply the appropriate corrections needed. Your session will usually include a blend of my modalities. Ask about combining a Massage with Specialized Kinesiology. It's amazing together and very effective for getting rid of the stress at the source once and for all!

Here are some brief definitions of the different modalities I offer:

Brain Formatting - By combining techniques from Applied Physiology, Touch for Health, and clinical Kinesiology the Practitioner is able to target stress in specific neurological areas of the brain and gently remove it. This helps clients who may have imbalances in academic, memory, equilibrium, sleep rhythms, anxiety, vision, touch, hearing, taste, smell, compulsive behavior, digestion, cravings, and artistic difficulties. $75/session

Touch for Health & Specialized Kinesiology -These modalities were originated in 1978 by Dr. John Thei, DC, and Dr. George Goodheart DC, and many others since. These are a system of balancing muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, organs, glands, lymphatic system, vascular system, nervous, system, posture and body alignment, energies, nutritional and the other body systems, along with attitude & emotions, to help relieve stress, aches and pains, achieve your goals, and enjoy your life! $75/session

SIPS - Stress Indicator Point System or Acupoint Therapy-  This Acupoint system has a revolutionary way of balancing the body electrics by specifically accessing states of stress in the muscle spindle cells, tendons, ligaments, vascular system, lymphatic system, skin, stuck grief states, blocked emotions, and much more...In addition, this system locates and balances deep compensated switching that occurs in the corpus collosum, allowing brain re-integration to take place gently and effectively. The related Body Alignment proprioception allows one to balance the primary integration centre for body alignment - utilizing the self healing properties of the clients own body to bring the spine, jaw, cranials, hip, and shoulder girdles, and feet into proper alignment. $75/session

Cranio Sacral  Therapy - The craniosacral system protects and nourishes the brain and spinal cord. It affects, nearly every aspect of the central nervous system and its performance. Developed after years of university research and testing, it also allows you to release restrictions anywhere in the body that may be impinging the craniosacral system, and the other systems that interact with it. By balancing the cranial bones and unraveling pain and dysfunction at the source, you'll naturally eliminate stress, balance hormones, emotions, and enhance your health and brain function. The client is fully clothed and on a massage table. $85/ session

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping- This modality was developed by Gary Craig. This modality is the emotional version of acupuncture, except no needles are used! Instead, we stimulate certain meridians and acupoints points on the body by tapping or pressure. This has been shown repeatedly to reduce the conventional therapy process from months or years, down to hours, or minutes , by just a few sessions. EFT has been shown to be able to help people with a vast array of emotional,  physical, and performance problems. $75/session

 Acupoint Oil Massage- A soothing healing massage using Acupoints, and an awareness of the Meridians are combined with Aromatherapy to provide a relaxing, balancing, energizing, detoxifying oil massage. Acupressure points are stimulated using gentle pressure to release tension, promote circulation of blood, and access the bodies natural self-curative abilities. The client is on a massage table and half clothed.

Shiatsu Style Massage- Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese massage therapy. It is a therapeutic massage that is used to improve the flow of vital energy of the body. Shiatsu helps prevent illness, build vitality, balance the mind, and stimulate the body's natural healing ability. This elegant yet intense massage system is a combination of hand pressure, acupressure,  muscle manipulation, and stretching. The client is fully clothed and on the table.

    "Balanced Mind and Body!"

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